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NYSORA’s Regional Anesthesia is the GOLD-STANDARD text for a comprehensive and practical approach to regional anesthesia techniques and patient management. 

  • PRACTICAL. Learn about regional anesthesia procedures in a practical, condensed, easy to navigate way with NYSORA’s newest teaching materials.

  • UNDERSTAND the logic behind regional anesthesia techniques with NYSORA’s reversed ultrasound anatomy illustrations and animations.

  • BE INSPIRED. NextLevel CME™ will motivate you to study with our proprietary visual cognitive aids for a unique journey through the material.


What will you learn inside NYSORA Regional Anesthesia on NextLevel CME™?

With NYSORA’s Regional Anesthesia you will get real-time updates and addition of teaching material about standardized regional anesthesia procedures and management protocols. It is complemented by an easy-to-navigate menu with a comprehensive collection of regional anesthesia techniques for head and neck, upper extremity, lower extremity, thoracic, and abdominal wall blocks.

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Logical step-by-step technique instructions with NYSORA’s trademark functional regional anatomy and reverse ultrasound anatomy used in lectures by instructors worldwide. Updated, algorithm-driven approach to the prevention, diagnosis, and management of nerve injury and local anesthetic systemic toxicity (LAST).

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What will you get?

  • Rich library of NYSORA’s proprietary cognitive aids;
  • Reverse Ultrasound Anatomy ilustrations and animations;
  • Clinical and Teaching Videos to facilitate knowledge acquisition;
  • Cognitive Priming Learning Method for greater knowledge retention;
  • Technique algorithms & instructions on choosing the right local anesthetics;
  • Standardized approach to regional anesthesia techniques;
  • More fun and organized learning experience;
  • Keep all your study information in one place: your latest notes, links, images, videos, updates;
  • Access it on any device at any time.

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What Others Think About the Regional Anesthesia


Simply phenomenal.
There is nothing better than this to learn or teach. Amazingly didactic and visually attractive illustrations and new images. Clear decision-making guidance.

Amanda Smith

This is the best I have seen. Ultrasound images, reverse ultrasound illustrations and animation, management algorhythms, newest fast track protocols. NYSORA should had done this long ago.

Phil Lancing

I have been NYSORA reader for years. However, the NYSORA Regional Anesthesia is absolutely amazing and summarizes the best of NYSORA's signature teaching with constant update. I use this material to make my own lectures look amazing.

Claire Médong

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Frequently Asked Questions

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